Dalia Neis

Artist, Facilitator, Somatic Coach


Somatic Stress Release Offerings

I am certified as a Transformational life coach from Animas Centre of Coaching, accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and in training as a Somatic Stress Release practitioner™ (Continuing Education Yoga Alliance) and mind-body coaching.I offer sessions to groups and individuals who are experiencing challenging periods of transition and uncertainty. I am keen to support those who might suffer from stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and creative blocks, and I welcome individuals struggling with issues around sexuality and alternative lifestyles (eg. poly, queer, ethical non- monogamy). Upon discussion and agreement, I will draw from relevant, tailor-made methods and approaches, including deep listening and conversation, creative writing exercises, envisioning techniques, guided meditations, voice/sounding work, and other body-oriented practices as tools for building resilience, coming back into the body, and creating the conditions for inner transformation, while restoring your deep capacity to adapt and navigate life with greater ease and flow.In a supportive, non-judgemental and collaborative atmosphere, I will hold space for you, gently facilitating the possibility for softening the mind’s reactionary thinking and habits that no longer serve you, loosening stuck sensations and feelings, so you may experience a shift from being pulled down into a negative space to move towards deep joy and creative actualisation.WHO:
Artists / cultural workers / activists and/or anyone creatively engaged and inclined, whether or not you identify as an artist. I am interested in supporting communities and individuals from LGBTQ+, migrant, diasporic backgrounds, and I am deeply allied with BIPoC and grassroots groups committed to social justice and change.
You are welcome to drop me a line and we can arrange a call if anything here resonates with you.ABOUT MYSELF & MY APPROACH:
I am a queer writer, musician and educator, affiliated with the Berlin Jewish Bund, and a long-term practitioner of Aikido. I go by she/they pronouns.
Apart from my ongoing therapeutic training, I draw from a well of creative resources and tools that I have accumulated over years of experience as a group facilitator, educator, filmmaker, musician, performer, singer, writer, and Aikido practitioner.My work as an artist forms an integral part of my coaching approach, bridging together a holistic method to illuminate unseen psycho-physical forces, engaging ways of connecting back to the body, envisioning and manifesting, to whatever degree is possible, alternate ways of living and being that is aligned to your deep desires and needs. The creative process plays a deep role in this space – whether or not you identify as an artist – it becomes a resource of medicinal potential. During our sessions, we will gently explore what is happening for you in your mind and in your body, creating space for self-discovery and curiosity, finding tools to access and cultivate your own singular healing process for full creative expression and growth.xLGBTQ+
xDiasporic communities
xArtists & Cultural Workers / Creative individuals / Activists
x Alternative lifestyles (sexuality / poly / ethical non monogomy)
x Creative expression/ blockages & self-doubt
x Periods of transition & uncertainty
x Anxiety, stress, burn-out
x Activism, social justice, collective liberation
After a free discovery call where we begin to get to know one another, and see if we are a good fit, I currently offer reduced and sliding scale sessions while I am in training, based on your income and what is affordable to you (current rate between: 40-70€). I also hold two solidarity slots for those who can't afford this service. This is a trust-based agreement which involves reflecting on the conditions and circumstances before choosing the scale of the fee. For further clarity on how to apply the sliding scale rate to your own situation, please refer to CJ Smith's helpful sliding scale section HERE.
Sessions usually last 45 minutes to an hour. I offer these to groups and individuals online and/or in-person in Berlin.CURRENT SESSION OFFERINGS:The Spark
(one-off sessions for the curious)
(Three sessions for deeper inquiry)
(Seven sessions for in-depth exploration)
Please contact me for further info and/or book a session